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Home » Fury on Haye deal: I gave the bitch what he wanted to get him in the ring

Fury on Haye deal: I gave the bitch what he wanted to get him in the ring

Outspoken words in the past of wanting an 80/20 split were only jokes by the 21-0 bruiser that were taken literally, although in reality, Tyson explained that is the one bending over backwards whilst taking a torrent of abuse from frustrated fans and even ex-wiorld champions.

“The talks went okay, but I just gave the bitch everything he wants to get him in the ring,” Fury told World Boxing News.

“He can have the ring walk, the gloves, 50/50, whatever as I just want to get this fight on for the fans.

“Some of the comments lately, like those from Lennox Lewis have made me think of not signing because I don’t want to give Haye the big day he wants.

“Maybe I am shitting myself at the thought of fighting him eh, because he is such a big puncher and I have got such a weak chin,” he joked in direct reference to Lewis’ comments in the British media lately.

Whatever happens now though it seems that a happy medium has been found on both sides and the clash everybody wants has moved a significant step closer to being made for the autumn in Manchester.

A certain date is not set officially, but it is thought to be September 28 in what will be a definite sell-out and the biggest pay-per-view bonanza in the UK since Haye fought Wladimir Klitschko in 2011.