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Tyson and Peter Fury comment on Haye’s contract remarks

The ‘Hayemaker’ has stated that a 50/50 offer to Fury has still not been signed, although Tyson and trainer Peter were keeping their cards much closer to their chests when immediately contacted by WBN this evening.

“I can’t buy the caravan I want with a 50/50 split,” Tyson joked, although when asked further for a reaction to to Haye’s public statement, he seemed less than happy at the former world champion’s actions.

“I don’t know why he is saying what he is, maybe it’s because he is a celebrity boxer and a dickhead!”

Peter Fury then claimed that Haye was just stirring things up as there had been no news on the fight for the last few days by saying: “We applaud David for what he has said on the fight as it was a dull day and we would like to ask him to send out a few more as the Fury haters need them desperately.”

Without a firm denial from Team Fury on Haye’s outburst though, it can only be taken that the fight is highly likely to be on the proverbial ropes and that both sides have work to do to get the talks back on track.

If not even an split cannot be agreed upon to get the potential pay-per-view blockbuster signed and sealed – then there’s not much that can be done and it seems the fans are on course for yet another let down.