Tyson Fury: I would have knocked out ‘has-been’ Lennox Lewis!

Outspoken heavyweight Tyson Fury is venting his anger once again on his social media outlet by claiming he could have knocked out Lennox Lewis if given the chance to fight him in his prime.

Fury, who is hoping to land a massive fight with David Haye in September or October, first tweeted late last night by saying: ‘I’d have loved to have smashed Lennox Lewis if he was around now!’

The off the cuff remark was then obviously picked up by the boxing fraternity, most of whom sided with Lewis in the belief that Fury still has a long way to go to match the considerable achievements of the former undisputed world champion.

The 24 year-old then answered some of his doubters by stating: ‘Lennox could not recover after he was hurt. That why all his losses were by KO!’

Lewis, now 47 and happily retired for ten years, responded a few hours later with: ‘Ha, you gotta love Twitter!’ without getting too involved in a war of words with the former British and Irish title holder.

21-0 Fury has since rekindled his boasts with more of same by stating that if Oliver McCall and Hasim Rahman could knock Lewis out, then he would have had no problem doing the same, adding that 6ft 5ins fighters are ‘just his type’ and he just has ‘a feeling inside him’ that a fight against the ex-champ would have gone his way.

Highly-ranked WBC contender Fury then ended his rant by calling Lewis a ‘has-been’ in a further response to barraging from fans, something that will now go down well with Briton’s who rate the ‘Pugilist Specialist’ among the greats of the division.