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Tyson Fury: David Haye fight is 99% on!

With rumours swirling that talks are underway, Tyson Fury himself confirmed in an interview with Channel 5 tonight that he has spoken to Haye’s trainer Adam Booth and that the camps are in agreement that the fight should happen sooner rather than later.

“I have very, very exciting news tonight,” said Fury. “I was minding my own business over there and I bumped into Adam Booth, so we got him on camera and we asked him: ‘Why is the David Haye fight not being done,’ and he said: ‘Do you want the fight?’ so I said: ‘Two million percent. The ball is in your court so call me tomorrow morning.’

“He said: ‘I cant see why this fight cannot be done’ – so there it is from the horses mouth. Adam Booth says he wants this fight. The fight is 99% baby!”

It had been thought that advanced talks had been underway for sometime judging by several reports in the British tabloids, although the comments by Fury contradict that and is seems that both sides are only just getting to initial stages of contact.

The fight would still seem to be miles off from being completed as yet, although with dialogue underway and both fighters wanting to discuss a possible pay-per-view blockbuster – it can only be good for the heavyweight division and the sport as a whole.