Hrunov says Klitschko v Povetkin will be finalized by the June 7 WBA deadline

Promoter Vlad Hrunov has told WBN that he expects no hiccups in negotiations for what will be mammoth payday for both fighters when Wladimir Klitschko and Alexander Povetkin reach a final agreement to meet in the ring.

The fight between the two heavyweights, which Hrunov astonishingly bid $23million to host, is slated for October 5 in Moscow, Russia, although the World Boxing Association have capped a date of June 7 for the fight to be signed and sealed.

Hrunov is confident that he will comfortably be well inside schedule and sees current WBA ‘regular’ champion Povetkin as becoming the new unified king of the division once his finally gets Klitschko between the ropes.

“We are very close to making a final deal for Klitschko v Povetkin,” Hrunov told World Boxing News.

“The WBA have approved time for us until 7th of June we don’t have any problems in this fight. Povetkin will be the new champion,” he added.

Klitschko, 37, will place all four of his title belts on the line for the clash, whilst Povetkin’s title will be immersed in the Ukrainian’s ‘super’ championship should he become the first in almost a decade to defeat the formidable force at 200lbs plus.

33 year-old Povetkin is yet to be defeated in 28 pro outings so far, but has found it hard to look impressive against a string of no-hoper challengers. The one tough fight given to him by cruiserweight Marco Huck was a debatable decision and could have gone either way.

The Russian will have to raise his game considerably to stand a chance against Klitschko, who hasn’t face any danger losing in 60 of his 63 fights and has 51 stoppages to his credit.