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Home » Ward’s promoter Goossen reminds Froch and Hearn who the ‘super’ champion is

Ward’s promoter Goossen reminds Froch and Hearn who the ‘super’ champion is

Ward, 29, was present as Froch dismantled Mikkel Kessler in a revenge mission at the O2 Arena in London on Saturday and afterwards the 35 year-old stated his intention to offer the ‘S.O.G’ the opportunity to fight him in the UK later in the year.

Goossen in keen not to have all Ward’s eggs in one basket as he returns from a serious shoulder injury towards the end of the summer though and was keen to reiterate that the Super-Six champion was still the number one in the division.

“Froch put in a workmanlike performance against Kessler,” Goossen told World Boxing News.

“As for the possibility of a fight against Froch and where it would be, we’ll make that determination when the time comes.

“To hear Froch and Eddie Hearn speak, you would think they are the ‘super’ champion, not Andre. As a reminder, Froch now holds the WBA ‘regular’ championship belt and Andre holds the WBA ‘super’ title, and thats for a reason. Andre beat Kessler for the WBA belt and added the WBC belt Froch was holding for him when they met.

“Once Andre is ready to get back into the ring, we’ll take a look at the various options we have, and there will be options other than Froch, and we’ll go from there.

“One thing is for sure and that is Andre will be the one leading the pack.

Goossen went on: “Winning the regular WBA belt doesn’t put you in that position. Once we’ve moved forward with Andre’s next fight, if the opportunity arises to provide Froch with a rematch, we’ll make sure to give his promoter an offer that will give him every chance to avenge his defeat to Andre.”

Hearn and Froch are taking some time out after what was an amazing night for ‘The Cobra’ and Matchroom as 18,000 fans created a special atmosphere to see Kessler humbled on a unanimous points decision.

The next move for both fighters will be an intriguing one, with my opinion being that the fight will be better happening in 2014 after Ward has had a warm-up following his surgery. That would then leave Froch plenty of time to bask in his glory night against Kessler and have the chance to make a defence of his titles in the interim against an opponent of his choosing.