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Home » Sulaiman explains in detail why Canelo has to give up a title

Sulaiman explains in detail why Canelo has to give up a title

World Boxing News spoke with both Sulaiman and WBA Vice President Gilberto Mendoza on this matter and whilst the WBA have no problem with ‘Canelo’ holding the two straps, the WBC expect Alvarez to relinquish one – in order to keep the other.

“The WBC approved the fight to Golden Boy with the knowledge of both boxers, Alvarez and Trout, that it would be with the condition that the winner would decide what title to keep.,” Sulaiman told World Boxing News.

“If the winner keeps the WBA title, it would be O.K. for the WBC , but we would declare the title vacant and order elimination bouts or a fight for the title. I informed my old friend Gilberto Mendoza of the decision taken by the WBC, but I got no response.

“The reasons for the WBC to have the no unification titles allowed in our rules are as follows :

a) That being matters as they are , specially at the USA, both organisations lose all control of our champions – *** The champion has two different regulations and mandatory defences to comply with and usually it becomes a complete lack of control for both.

b) The ring officials have to be split in three parties: one for each organisation and 2 for the local commission. We are lucky if it is in Nevada as no ring officials for any of the organisations, and we become mere observers.

c) Several promoters split the sanction fees in 50 % for each organisation.

d) Champions become very disoriented and the only thing that they do is come into the ring with all belts with the organisations struggling to place their belts; fighters without knowing what is what and what to do.

e) Unification champions become some kind of a half or less owners of rights; some times some disagreements with our other organisations friends and it is a mess.

f) Boxing commissions see both organisations with respect but with: ‘we are the boss here’ mentality.

“All of the above are just some of the reasons for the WBC to accept all fights requested by promoters of two champions of the same division of the WBC and another organisation, but with those specific condition mentioned applying.

“There are other reasons, but those listed above are those that the WBC has had in the past with unified champions.

“The WBC does not object to fights between two champions, but under the listed conditions,” Sulaiman added.

Mendoza simply told us: “We will allow Alvarez to keep both titles.”

Alvarez, 22, is due to be handed the WBA title from Mr. Mendoza on an upcoming visit to Panama and now has to decide whether to stick with the green belt of the WBC or switch his allegiance to the World Boxing Association.