Reasons for Chavez v Murray collapse explained

Phil Jay 16/05/2013

Upon negotiations for a middleweight bout between Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Martin Murray falling through today, WBN have exclusively been told the nature of the failings for the potential clash.

Murray’s manager Neil Marsh has opened up on why the fight will not go ahead on August 3 in Mexico and is now looking at other options for the St. Helens man after his sterling effort against Sergio Martinez in Argentina last month.

“We had discussions with Top Rank, but we cannot proceed any further regarding a fight between Martin and Chavez,” Marsh confirmed to World Boxing News.

“Martin as proven he will fight any man anywhere however, we have had an assessment from our physio and been told to rest for three weeks in order to let injuries which occurred in the Martinez fight heal.

“This would only leave Martin eight weeks to prepare for Chavez in Mexico and this realistically isn’t enough time too prepare for such a bout . Also, after our meeting with the physio, he cannot yet guarantee that Martin will be ready too start training then so it’s best not to mess Chavez, the WBC and HBO about and make this decision now.”

Marsh continued: “We also feel the purse of offer for Martin was on the low side too and collectively we have decided to let Martin rest and comeback when he is 100% fit to build on his Martinez performance.

“We wish Chavez the best of luck in his next fight and thank Top Rank for the opportunity.

“Chavez is definitely a fight we are interested in for the future, and for the fans we will be looking to get Martin out again in September or October of this year.”