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Audley Harrison sees sense, finally ends the madness

The 41 year-old, who had the professional boxing world at his feet after capturing the gold medal at Sydney 2000, has failed to live up to his own hype and can now build his reputation back up without the need for his trademark self-promotion.

That gift of the gab certainly served the Londoner well as it brought him an unwarranted world title shot and subsequent high-profile contests against Wilder and David Price, although realistically, Harrison was never any better than domestic level and it showed in those two quick knockouts.

The fanfare that came with his Olympic victory was rather overplayed as Harrison beat a weak field to claim the medal and his European victory was one-punch shocker that if never landed, would have been a comprehensive defeat to a lacklustre Michael Sprott.

Harrison’s decision to retire today is certainly a step in the right direction for his future career within the fight game as the delusional pre-fight rants that directed all the bad publicity his way can now finally die down.

I must say I am relieved that ‘A-Force’ has come to this conclusion on his faded career and I look forward to the charismatic two-time Prizefighter king gracing our screens in some other capacity in the near future.