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Home » Audley Harrison promises to swim, but finally drowns

Audley Harrison promises to swim, but finally drowns

At 41, Harrison has been calling on the fans to back his push for a destined world title, although a 70-second shot-shy defeat to Deontay Wilder tonight will have once and for all halted the wool that has been pulled over everyone’s eyes for years.

I was given some stick for my assessment of Harrison’s efforts in his previous first round loss against David Price, even by Price himself, but after Harrison stole the belief of the public in Sheffield, there can be no doubts that what has been promised has not been delivered.

‘A-Force’ HAS TO RETIRE and nobody should give him the chance to be involved in a high-profile card again – because the man is not a real fighter, never a world champion and buckles under any pressure whatsoever.

Two Prizefighter victories may have only served to make the Matchroom format look weak with Harrsion coming out on top more than anyone else, and the Londoner needs to be told, certainly by those close to him that he just can’t cut it as a heavyweight fighter.

If that was me, I would have stepped away after the Haye blow-out in 2010, because robbing £1.5million from the fans is bad enough – without taking two more pay-days when you know full well you have nothing left.

I can somewhat rest my case to an extent, but can only apologise that I didn’t mention Wilder’s pummelling 28th KO win in 28 – as the shine was well and truly taken off it by Harrison’s feeble efforts.