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Home » Rios on Pacquiao in November, Alvarado decider, backing Bradley over Marquez

Rios on Pacquiao in November, Alvarado decider, backing Bradley over Marquez

The 27 year-old, who is in the frame with his two-fight rival to oppose the returning Pacquiao at a catchweight, also believes his recent Mandalay Bay loss to Alvarado could have gone either way on the cards and it should now be inevitable that they meet again.

“My score on the Alvarado fight was I won seven rounds to his five,” Rios told World Boxing News.

“Hopefully we can have a third fight soon because I gave him the opportunity for a rematch, so he should give it to me to. I think we are both worth more for a third fight and all the fans want it, so why not give it to them?

“I have talked to Cameron Dunkin about it, although not Bob Arum. But hopefully it happens and if not my manager has better plans for me.”

In the immediate future, Rios wants to pip Alvarado to the high-profile bout with Pacquiao and is certain that the close manner of his loss, along with the fact that he won the previous bout by knockout, should put him at the top of the list for the China event.

“That is what we are (my manager and I ) talking about now. Pacquiao is either going to fight me or Alvarado. Hopefully they do give it to me because I have accomplished a lot and I deserve it,” said Rios.

Pacquiao will make his choice shortly after his two original targets in Juan Manuel Marquez and Timothy Bradley are on the verge of sealing a clash against each other, which Rios sees going the way of the younger American on September 14.

“Although I think Marquez still has a chance, I have to go for Bradley because we have the same manager so we have to stick to the same team.”

The Top Rank double could conceivably be seen as a semi-final tournament as both winners may then be pushed together for a huge fight next summer, although another defeat for Pacquiao may leave him with nowhere left to go as Rios aims to be the man to end the ring legend’s career.