EXCLUSIVE: Peter Fury says US absence could have bad for Tyson Fury

Trainer Peter Fury has given an indication that further bouts in America could be off the table for world heavyweight title hope Tyson Fury following recent developments.

Due to his past, Peter had been asked to provide more documents to US customs prior to Tyson’s fight on April 20 in New York. Although the timescale meant it would be impossible.

He was forced to watch the contest on TV.

Tyson then used his brute strength, rather than boxing skills to out-muscle Cunningham after being down heavily in the second round.

It left Peter unhappy at the manner of the victory, which he believes should have been a lot easier than it was.

“It was ridiculous to think something like this wasn’t going to happen. We just had to accept it in the end,” Fury exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Clifton Mitchell gave him all the correct advice in my place. But it’s just not the same. No-one is to blame why I couldn’t get into the states.


“The whole thing could have wrecked Tyson’s career. All the people involved should have had this as their main concern. Not the financial side to gain dollars in the short term.

“Mick Hennessy felt the same as me and we had no idea what to do. I spoke with Mick and he agreed it was a terrible experience for us both not knowing if I could get in or not.”

This could mean another fight on US soil is a major doubt for Tyson, at least in the immediate future.

A much-touted final eliminator against Kubrat Pulev or the next ranked contender now looks set to take place in the UK, Ireland, or even Germany.

Phil Jay is Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay