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Peter Fury: Tyson abandoned his boxing, won’t win world titles with just force

Peter Fury, who is also Tyson’s uncle, was unable to attend the contest because of a visa issue with the United States customs department and believes that his inability to coach his fighter in the corner affected his actions between the ropes.

Although Fury, 24, came through the bout with a seventh round stoppage victory, the former Irish champion was put down heavily in the second round and Peter cut a frustrated figure as he watched on helplessly from his Belgian base.

“Tyson’s performance was not what we had worked on at all with me not being there,” Fury told World Boxing News. “The crowd and the moment (being his US debut) created pressure to get job done in the fashion he promised. This made him almost get desperate to knock Cuningham out and his work was rushed with no patience or any thought.

“Tyson is very self critical of himself and when he couldn’t land and set up Cunningham in the first round as he hoped, panic set in as he assumed in his own mind he was looking terrible. Tyson has always looked at Cunningham as though he shouldn’t be in the in heavyweight division and wanted to show him what he’s up against. Thus creating pressure to get job done, whichthen  affected his boxing.

“He is a fantastic athlete, but on this occasion he abandoned his boxing and took to fighting in a brawl with Cunningham. The game plan was to take away his jab with lateral movement and long jabs, to keep steady pressure on and take him out between rounds five and seven as he duly did. Tyson should have box him though and made the fight a lot easier than it was. Instead he got totally impatient and tried to walk in square hands down to land his own shots and in the process taking too many.

“Tyson was in great shape, but he never worked with it to show his world class ability and I am very disappointed with the performance as I knew this was a fight where every one would start to believe he is the real deal.

“I don’t think this fight has done him any harm at all as the fans loved it and Tyson shown the world what he’s about, but no world titles will be won with force and no skill being deployed as planned.”

The Victory leaves Tyson potentially just one fight away from a world title challenge against Wladimir Klitschko, with Kubrat Pulev said to the next in line and Peter still believes that his nephew remains on track to claim a world title within the next twelve months.

“My mind is not changed with Tyson,” said Peter. “He will grow into a world champion and we are not setback on that goal. I am determined to put this behind us now and bring the best out of Tyson and to give the public excitement as I truly believe that this kid has it all.”