Cunningham plans Fury appeal, cites illegal forearm use

Defeated heavyweight Steve Cunningham is set to challenge the call by referee Eddie Cotton to allow Tyson Fury’s knockout punch to stand in their entertaining bout on Saturday night in New York.

The American had Fury down and in considerable trouble in the second round of the contest and was up by two points on my card at the time of the stoppage. The finishing blow by Fury, although a knockout shot in it’s own right, did seem to come from a punch on the back of some use of the unbeaten fighter’s forearm.

Cunningham, 36, is now ready to launch a protest over the decision not to punish Fury for the move as ‘USS’ gains plenty of support from fans around the world who did not adhere to some of the eventual winner’s rough-house tactics.

“People want me to just take it on the chin and move on, but my chin was held up by a forearm and I was punched. That’s illegal in boxing,” said Cunningham.

The former world cruiserweight champion was then specifically asked whether he would appeal, to which he answered: “Yes indeed.”

24 year-old Fury has already been criticised for using force, rather than his boxing skills by his own trainer Peter Fury today in an interview with WBN and may now face the prospect of giving Cunningham a rematch if he is sanctioned for the way the fight ended.

Any rematch would be unlikely to take place in the US after Peter was forced out of the corner due to a visa issue, meaning Cunningham would almost certainly have to travel and fight Fury on his own terms if granted a chance to overturn the disputed result.