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Home » Fury dropped heavy, recovers to wear down Cunningham for KO

Fury dropped heavy, recovers to wear down Cunningham for KO

After toying with Cunningham for the first round and showing the American no respect by dropping his hands, Fury was immediately caught with a huge right hand in the second that dropped him hard to the canvas.

Fury, looking fully embarrassed with himself, got to his feet a little shaky and took almost the full session to recover as Cunningham attempted to capitalize on his opportunistic shot.

Cunningham, 36, then enjoyed a few good rounds as his opponent struggled to work out the style of the two-time world title holder and Fury was deducted a point in the fifth for use of the head by Eddie Cotton.

From the sixth round the tide turned towards the unbeaten 24 year-old, who began to lean on Cunningham and break him down on the inside, puffing up his face with a succession of bruising shots throughout the round.

In the seventh, the writing looked to be on the wall for Cunningham, who just couldn’t find his range anymore as Fury continued to relentless beat on him against the ropes – visibly taking him apart.

With a somewhat controversial holding of the head, an exhausted Cunningham was laid out by a massive hook from Fury, hitting the floor heavy – with even ‘USS’ acknowledging the fact that there was no way he would be able to make it to his feet.

There is little doubt that the US audience will have enjoyed the excitement of a Tyson Fury fight, but whether they will be tuning in to cheer him on in future is a topic for debate as the now 21-0 giant marches on towards a Klitschko.