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Steve Collins gets green light for Roy Jones Jr. comeback

Now 48, Collins is keen on securing a bout with arch-nemesis Roy Jones Jr. as revealed exclusively by World Boxing News late last year, with the only stumbling block now seemingly averted after the recent acceptance of the Irishman’s request.

Many will see the fight as a publicity stunt on both sides, with former pound for pound king Jones just four years Collins’ junior, although the one-time super-middleweight king was adamant on his decision to return when speaking to WBN on December 6.

“I was very happy with my boxing career but there was one thing I wished for and chased for a very long time,” Collins told World Boxing News.

“When Roy Jones was at his best and I was at my best, we were the two best super middleweights in the world. I had beaten Eubank, Benn and all these guys and Roy had beaten James Toney and these other guys in the U.S.

“My argument was that I was the champion. I was known in America. I had beaten other world champions in Europe and I wanted to fight Roy Jones so bad. I even went to Pensacola and spoke with his managers and to his house!

“He ran though and he wouldn’t have it. That is my big regret that Roy Jones wouldn’t give me the opportunity to have that one big fight before I retired and I don’t forgive him for that.

“To me he was a coward for not taking me on. People say Roy Jones was a great fighter but I knew all along that Roy Jones didn’t have a great chin. I swore to people that if I had gotten the fight with him, I guaranteed I would catch him on the chin and he would go out.

“It just bothers me that people talk about him so much. The kid ran from me for all of his career. I’m 48 years old. So between now and when I turn 50 years old if Roy wants to fight, I’ll take the opportunity now.”

The ball is now in the court of the American as to whether the two will actually share a ring after years of needle over who was the best of their generation.