Boxer Andreas Evangelou explains ‘pitbull’ attack ordeal

Phil Jay 10/04/2013

Undefeated light-heavyweight Andreas ‘Ace’ Evangelou got more than he bargained for recently when walking his German Shepherd ‘Clay’ through the streets of his hometown of Enfield.

The 29 year-old, who is 5-0-1 since turning pro, explained to WBN that he was forced to fend off an aggressive dog from attacking him and his beloved companion in an incident that had the potential to be a lot worse than it eventually turned out.

“I was just walking Clay and we turned the corner to see what looked like a large pitbull loose without a collar on or its owner about,” said Evangelou.

“I stayed back, but it ran up to us and it started sniffing Clay. Then, without warning, the dog attacked him and was trying to get a lock on his neck. I was pulling him off, but he was solid muscle and had no collar, so I found it hard to. To make things worse we ended up in the middle of a main road with cars driving past us and we were all wrestling on the floor until I managed to get up.

“I couldn’t see his owner anywhere and was thinking to myself, this dog isn’t backing down. So I did the only option I could think of and picked him up and threw him over a garden fence. Clay and I then started to run home but I could see the dog had gotten back over the fence and caught up with us.

Evangelou continued: “He and Clay then started fighting again and they were getting more aggressive. I then had to pick up the dog and throw him over another fence! And by this point I was absolutely exhausted. We continued to run, but somehow the dog caught up with us again and went for Clay a third time! I pulled them apart and thought; ‘what on earth am I going to do?’

“Then luckily, the dogs owner finally ran up to us – but I had no breath left to talk to him and just carried on home with Clay – who was a little shaken, but fine.

“Afterwards I was just thinking that it was probably the toughest fight of my life, but I still won!”

As for his battles in the ring, Evangelou last fought in December when out-pointing Danny Couzens at the Olympia in Kensington and hopes to be back sometime in the next weeks.

“I’m waiting for my next date to be confirmed – which is looking likely to be in May. If things go to plan I will have my first title fight this year and achieve a high ranking,” confirmed Evangelou.