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Gallagher, Quigg threaten Hatton walkout

Quigg, 24, has been treading water since his November victory over Rendall Munroe and despite being consistently linked to a fight with Carl Frampton, nothing seems to be happening to get the British super-fight made.

Trainer Gallagher believes Hatton must strike while the iron is hot with Quigg, and hopes that a big fight can be delivered in the coming weeks – or it may be the time to look at other options elsewhere.

“Scott Quigg’s in training and we’re just waiting on the Hatton’s to come up with some dates,” Gallagher said in an interview with Sky Sports.

“We had a chat last week and we decided to go into camp, Scott likes a 12-week camp which will bring us to the beginning of June.

“I’m hoping that in five or six weeks something will have developed by then. But we’ve got to start now and if nothing happens by then he’s going to be one unhappy bunny. He’ll be looking to move on to pastures new.

“His manager Paul Speak is doing the best he can do and he’s got to deliver now. They’ve said they’re working on things and Scott’s had a couple of offers that weren’t suitable at this time.

“Both sides have a responsibility to honour their side of the contract. Scott is in the gym and working away and the Hatton’s have an obligation to honour their side.”

Hatton Boxing are currently without a network for their stable of fighters since losing their Sky Sports dates and unless something comes up in the near future, could risk losing not only Quigg, but many more of their top names.

Martin Murray’s WBC middleweight title challenge is set to be shown on BoxNation later this month in a one-off deal, although Hatton could be well-advised to consider negotiating for a more permanent deal with the expanding channel.