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Schaefer explains Guerrero airport gun possession

Guerrero, 30, was travelling to Las Vegas on the back of a promotional tour to publicise his upcoming bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr. when police arrested the multi-weight world champion after he voluntarily declared the weapon.

Schaefer explained Guerrero’s reasoning for having the gun at the airport and believes that his moves to inform the check-in desk were the right ones – meaning the authorities should not deal with the Californian harshly.

“Robert’s hobby is to shoot guns at the shooting range,” Schaefer told The Gilroy Dispatch.

“He was planning to take the gun with him to Las Vegas and do that at one of the shooting ranges there. There were no bad intentions. Those who know Robert know the kind of values and what he stands for.

“The fact that he had disclosed the guns, (with) no ammunition, all of those aspects clearly show that this was an innocent incident.”

Golden Boy released a statement post-Guerrero’s arrest informing that any further action will not take place until after his fight with Mayweather on May 4 – leaving the mandatory WBC challenger to concentrate fully on his preparations