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Home » Peter Fury: Tyson v Hughie? The thought turns my stomach!

Peter Fury: Tyson v Hughie? The thought turns my stomach!

Hughie, 18, is gearing up for his second pro outing in early April, whilst highly-ranked contender Tyson (20-0) will battle former world cruiserweight  title holder Steve Cunningham at the world famous Madison Square Garden in New York in three weeks time.

As the world title hoarding Klitschko brothers begin the winding down of their dominant spell as champions, Peter was keen to dispel any chance of the Fury relations ever sharing a ring, a query that has dogged Wladimir and Vitali for their entire careers.

“I would like to say right now that Tyson and Hughie will never ever fight each other!” Peter Fury told World Boxing News.

“Tyson is like a big brother to Hughie and a son to me, and to be honest, I don’t even like speaking on it.

“The very thought of them fighting turns my stomach and having to answer such crap from warped people who ask is an irritant. 

Fury went on: “We are a close family and we have got the world to fight, so why would we want to fight our loved ones?

“I would personally like to ask the fans of Tyson and Hughie, along with reporters, to stop asking this question as there is not a one percent chance of them two ever fighting each other.”