Guerrero voluntarily declared gun, then arrested under strict NY laws

Tighter laws enforced in recent years have apparently served the squeaky-clean image of welterweight contender Robert Guerrero with possible charges for gun possession after an incident at John F. Kennedy airport.

The 30 year-old, who faces Floyd Mayweather on May 4, was flying from New York to Las Vegas for training, and as he was carrying his own licensed gun, declared the unloaded pistol to the relevant airline, who then contacted the authorities.

Under tight gun laws imposed in New York after several terrorist attacks, Guerrero can now be charged because according to ESPN, the gun is not licensed to be carried by the fighter in that state, only in California where the weapon is licensed.

Granted that Guerrero should not be in an airport with any type of weapon, let alone a gun, but if he had concealed it, then that would be a whole separate issue altogether and any further action due to this fact would be unwarranted.

A harsh punishment for Guerrero would seem out of line for the act of doing the right thing and ‘The Ghost’ should be entitled to be exempt of any stain on his image or criminal record, although that may now be unlikely as multiple charges are filed.