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Former British contender Mark Potter advised by doctors to retire

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The 38 year-old, who will always been known in boxing circles for his fight with Danny Williams in 2000, has now decided to take the advice given and hang up his fighting mitts for good.

“The highest consultant at Moorfields Eye Hospital told me that it would be foolish for me to fight again,” Potter told World Boxing News.

“I’ve had a few days to ponder over this and it’s a hard pill to swallow as I’ve been doing this since I was thirteen. It is the hardest thing in the world for me to take on board, but I’ve got a great network around me to help out. This chapter of the book is over I’m afraid, but there are a few more to come.”

‘The Great White Shark’ as Potter became known later in his fighting career was stopped by Williams in his only British title bout after ‘The Brixton Bomber’ had initially dislocated his shoulder. Williams produced an almighty left hand in the fight to turn the contest on its head and despite a great effort by Potter to capitalize on the injury, it just wasn’t to be and his opponent became an instant British boxing hero.

The fight will forever go down in British fight folklore, which is a shame for Potter as he was on the receiving end and he eventually bowed out of pugilism following a loss to Michael Sprott in 2003 with a respectable record of 21-5, with 14 KO’s.

The Londoner held a 5-2 record after his foray into MMA, with his last fight taking place on March 17 of last year as he successfully defended his CFC heavyweight title in spectacular fashion, and Potter is now looking ahead to new opportunities to come.

“As far as what I’m going to do next, there are a lot of things in the pipeline,” explained Potter. “I’ve been sent some film scripts to read as I have been offered some film work and I’m arranging some great cage fights.

“I am also involved in getting some great US fighters, including former world heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe over to the UK in the summer and I’ll always be in the gym teaching, coaching and training.

“I’ll always be a fighter, but I just won’t fight anymore. I live by the motto ‘It is better to fail aiming high, than to succeed aiming low’ and whether that made me foolish or brave – who knows?

“I hope I brought a little bit of pleasure to a few people and motivated or stimulated fans with my fights and I thank you all for your support.”

Mark ‘The Great White Shark’ Potter