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Adrien Broner ahead of Floyd Mayweather’s progress at 23

At just 23, Broner has already surpassed the feats of his hero Floyd Mayweather Jr. and is on track to be pound for pound king by the age of 28, which would overhaul ‘Money’ by a whole two years if maintained.

In contrast to Mayweather, Broner has secured two world titles at different weights, whereas in 2000, a similar-aged Floyd was a single belt holder at 130lbs, although their records were just two fights apart.

Mayweather at the time was coming off a unanimous decision win over Gregorio Vargas to secure his 23rd career victory and had seventeen stoppages to his credit, without being considered a potential suitor to the P4P throne.

Times have changed granted, but Broner, 26-0 with 22 KO’s, is on the fast track to becoming a top five pound for pound fighter within two years and could potentially be challenging his new found friend for the top spot by 2016.

Whether Mayweather will even be around at that time is unpredictable at this point, with the only thing certain being that Broner is quickly punching and moving his way to a money-spinning pay-per-view status in the very near future.

Broner’s brashness and appeal to the fans mirrors that of Mayweather in so many ways, along with his style of fighting and fans of today’s best can look forard to many more years of the same sort of enthralling action from the current WBC lightweight champion.

The two may be far apart in terms of stature – as both began their careers in totally different eras in terms of quality, but there is no doubt that Broner is on his way to ending up exactly where Mayweather stands within the sport –  at this point in time.

It is sure to be a wild ride as we follow ‘The Problem’ on his journey in reaching those heights….