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Bribes, dives and drug-test scandals

Controversy had initially come at the end of their clash at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre when the fight was cut shot two rounds with Williams apparently badly shaken and on the verge of being stopped.

In the immediate aftermath, Botha was then accused of failing a post-fight drugs, which he claimed never took place and then retaliated with an accusation of his own involving a proposed payment to throw the fight.

The whole situation has cast a shadow on the sport, not only in the way the fight was handled, but the lack of professionalism shown on all sides of what is a distasteful situation.

And just as the furore over Williams v Botha hit fever pitch, the hilarious dive by Nicholas Capes against NFL player Ray Edwards has now been punished with an indefinite suspension.

The 31 year-old, who has lost all his previous three bouts in the first round, felt a swing by the much larger Edwards, 28, whistle past his ear and amazingly flung himself to the ground in comedy fashion to gasps in the crowd.

These incidents represent more ugly stains on boxing that are not helping the image of the sport and will only serve to be detrimental going forward.