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‘Big Daddy’ Browne talks world title chances, Price v Fury and the Klitschko’s

The unbeaten 6ft 4ins bruiser, who has a 93% knockout ratio in 14 pro wins since 2009, came through American Jason Gavern, who once scored a draw with Johnathon Banks, with relative ease in Hong Kong last December and is set for big things this year under the tutelage of Hatton Promotions.

“The win over Gavern was another notch in my belt and experience towards bigger and better things. I was prepared for the fight so I was very confident going into it,” Browne told World Boxing News.

“There are many fights on the cards for this year and I know that I need to become number one in Australia first. I’ll need to fight the top guys over here and also fight in Hong Kong on more Hatton cards to continue making my presence felt in Asia.

“I’m not silly enough to think I’m the best in the world a this stage and realize I need more experience and learning, but if I’m ready for a world title by the end of the year then it is something I would really want.”

Browne has been linked to fights against the Britain’s top two in Tyson Fury and David Price on the back of his connections to the UK, although ‘Big Daddy’ is set to bide his time before jumping in with either of the touted world champions.

The 33 year-old also states a potential world title shot against the all-reigning Klitschko’s may come around too late for him, but wouldn’t shirk the challenge if the call came from manager Bernd Boente in the near future.

“I don’t think I’ll be ready for a world title shot this year, but if it comes my way I’m not going to say no to it either. But I think next year is my year to dominate,” he explained.

“In a fight between Price and Fury, I personally think that Price is the better fighter and would win that fight.

“I think by the time I’ve become ready for a world title, the Klitschko brothers might not be boxing anymore but if it came off, that would certainly make a highlight in my career.

“I think they have both don’t extremely well in their careers and have been gentleman in and out of the ring. They have shown what true champions are all about,” added Browne.