Muhammad Ali’s daughter Laila tweets new photo: My dad is totally fine!

Phil Jay 04/02/2013

Muhammad Ali’s daughter and former world champion boxer in her own right Laila Ali has added more weight to the fact that her world famous father is not gravely ill and was enjoying life watching the Super Bowl this past weekend.

Reports initially began in British tabloid The Sun, which were then taken by several other sources, that Ali, 71, was at death’s door and may have just ‘days to live’ following an apparent interview with Rahman Ali, the ex-fighter’s estranged brother.

Laila has now extended on publicist Bob Gunnell’s photo of Ali watching the Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers American Football game on Sunday night by tweeting on her official account the photo shown above.

The picture indicates that ‘The Greatest is in good health and scotches yet another scare on Ali’s well-being as boxing continues to get over the deaths of high-profile boxing figures Joe Frazier, Emanuel Steward and Henry Cooper in recent times.

Just this past week, unbeaten fighter Omar Henry passed away at just 25 years-old after a short battle with cancer and the sport can now breath a sigh of relief that their most revered figure is feeling fine.