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Home » Mundine’s post-fight punch stats: 219 to Geale’s 112

Mundine’s post-fight punch stats: 219 to Geale’s 112

Mundine, 37, looked sluggish and shot-shy as he laboured to a unanimous points loss at the Entertainment Centre in Sydney, according my book and lost by a wider margin than the 117-111 [2], 116-112 scorecards suggested.

‘The Man’ was adamant he won that fight in the aftermath as he celebrated and proclaimed to cameras in the ring – and has been vocal in damning the judges since losing out on another world title.

The vast majority, as far as I am aware, see the fight the same way I did and how he could come up with almost 2-1 punch stats in a recent post on his Twitter account is beyond me.

“Just comes out. Out land 219 punches to Geale’s 112, told you so – still the man!” he stated.

I would love to have those confirmed by an official source as I scored the contest an almost shut-out 119-109 to Geale and struggled to even give the outspoken Mundine the fourth round of a one-sided bout.