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Home » Ward: I’ll knock Froch and Kessler out for using my name!

Ward: I’ll knock Froch and Kessler out for using my name!

The Super-Six champion, who is undefeated in 26 contests, is currently in rehab following shoulder surgery as he awaits a decision from the WBC regarding the status of his title.

The 28 year-old has been mentioned as a possible target for the Kessler v Froch II winner towards the end of the year and says despite both going down in his estimations, he would be willing to score another victory of either fighter.

“I would definitely consider it. But I wouldn’t be talking about either one of those guys if they didn’t keep bringing my name up,” Ward told ES News.

“For some reason they keep bringing my name up in a disrespectful manner and because they can’t accept defeat, I’ve lost all respect for Kessler and I’ve lost all respect for Carl Froch.

“Neither one of those guys want to fight, they’re just using my name to keep their name out there. If I fight either one of those guys, I don’t care what country it’s in, it’s not going the distance.”

Froch, in particular, sees Ward as a huge draw for a 2014 revenge mission after a possible return with Lucian Bute, all of which hinges on the Nottingham fighter avenging one of only two career losses against Kessler this spring.

Ward feels that both Froch and Kessler have piggy-backed off his reputation to build up their pay-per-view clash and states that both teams failed to reached out to him regarding a possible rematch.

“Neither one of those guys have made us an offer,’ confirmed Ward. “Froch said he had to go to America to be a star, then he gets there and it doesn’t work out and he goes back to Nottingham and says “I don’t get to fight at home – which one is it?”

“People have to understand that I don’t have to go to the UK to be a star, they have to come here if they want to be considered all-time greats,” he added.