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Home » Maloney aims for Price v Fury £1million Anfield showdown

Maloney aims for Price v Fury £1million Anfield showdown

The 29 year-old die hard Liverpudlian is set to face his first big American test next month in former world title challenger Tony Thompson, after which Maloney hopes to tie-up a huge domestic dust-up between the two heavyweight giants.

“I have met with people who will finance the show to good numbers,” Maloney was quoted in The Sun.

“We will stage the bout where the best deal is available at Anfield or London. They are the only places the fight can go.”

Price himself is looking forward to the prospect of headlining a massive fight night in his hometown and believes he would kill two birds with one stone if Fury agrees to any forthcoming offer put on the table by Maloney.

“Fighting at Anfield has always been a dream of mine and now it looks like a dream that could turn into a reality. If I can do a number him it will send a massive message around the world,” said Price.

Fury, 24, is pencilled in to make his debut Stateside sometime in the spring, which would give plenty of preparation time for the former Irish champion to ready himself for any potential clash with Price in the summer.