Charr refuses to pimp his record with ‘Del Boy’ bout: I agree with Haye – Chisora is a loser!

WBC fringe title-holder Manuel Charr has ruled out taking on Dereck Chisora as the Lebanese fighter hopes to lure David Haye or current full champion Vitali Klitschko in for a clash in 2013.

Charr, who has just one loss against Vitali in his 22 bouts, has long been linked with a possible fight with ‘Del Boy’ after both failed to dethrone ‘Dr. Ironfist’ – although the ‘Diamond Boy’ has told WBN he has no interest in any future match-up with the Londoner.

“I have to agree with David Haye in what he said even before he fought Chisora that he is a loser,” Charr told World Boxing News.

“He is coming off three straight losses now – even four if you include the press conference with Haye in Munich and I’m not interested in beating a guy who has already been beaten by everybody. What’s the point?

“I’m sure I could knock him out, but I guess we’ll never find out because I just don’t see that fight happening. I’m not desperately looking for an opponent and I think the only fights Chisora can get now is with guys who need to pimp their records with a decent name.

“I am not afraid to fight anybody, but I am always looking for the biggest possible challenge and there are definitely bigger fish in the sea than Dereck Chisora at the moment. I’d rather take any of the guys who already beat Chisora than fighting him,” he added.

Chisora has kept a low profile since he was stopped in five rounds by Haye in London last summer and may look for a morale-boosting win for his comeback as rumours swirl that the former British champion could face David Price for his old belt later this year.