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Mariusz Wach: Doping poured into my system for a long time

The 33 year-old, who went the full twelve rounds with the WBA, WBO and IBF champion in November, was then vilified by Klitschko’s team for his alleged use of steroids, and after originally denying the claim strenuously, has now come clean in an interview with Gazeta Krakowska.

“Doping was poured into my system for a long time,” Wach stated to the Polish website.

“My suspicions fall on the coaches. I plan to conduct my own investigation, but won’t make the results public. In addition to the two of my coaches, a large number of other specialists helped me to prepare for the bout. And I really don’t know what they’ve been doing exactly.

“I can’t name those forbidden substances because I was forbidden from doing so. But, according to my information, the quantity of dope in my sample was minimal,” the fighter added when quizzed further by Gazeta Krakowska.

US-based Wach now faces a future of uncertainty for his honesty in the matter and whether his career is salvageable at this point remains unclear until the investigation conducted by the Federation of German Professional Boxing is concluded.