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Home » Pacquiao faces brain health check, no guarantees Marquez is next

Pacquiao faces brain health check, no guarantees Marquez is next

Advisor Fred Sternberg has told WBN that Pacquiao has already undergone tests in the wake of his shuddering loss and is currently mixing family time with his political duties before revealing what his next move may entail.

“Manny was examined in Las Vegas and again in the Philippines after the Marquez fight and his test results were negative each time,” Sternberg told World Boxing News.

“The following week he was on the floor of Congress voting and debating bills.

“He is now enjoying an extended family holiday, which began in Hong Kong and is now in Israel.”

Promoter Bob Arum has already ruled out a possible April return for his fighter – and Sterberg is of the belief that Pacquiao may have other possibilities for his next bout as talk of a fifth fight with Marquez overshadows his immediate future.

“Bob stated after the fight that there was no hurry in planning Manny’s next fight,” explained Sternberg. “He wanted Marquez and Manny to get plenty of rest. Further, Bob said, as a precaution, he would have Manny thoroughly examined by the specialists at the Cleveland Clinic’s Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, which is located in Las Vegas, before planning Manny’s next fight.

“Though Marquez v Pacquiao 5 is the preference for Manny’s next fight, which would probably be in September, it’s premature to conclude that it will be Manny’s next fight. A lot goes into producing an event this immense, especially since the fourth one was so historic and an enormous financial success.”

On the recent interview given by Dr. Jimenez on Pacquiao showing the early signs of Parkinson’s disease, Sternberg had no comment.