Flintoff link reveals Audley’s level

Phil Jay 11/12/2012

Recent boxing forums have been buzzing with the anticipation of a fight that a surprising portion of fight fans want to see. No it’s not Mayweather v Pacquiao or Fury v Price – but a humble scrap between Audley Harrison and Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff.

After ex-cricketer Flintoff made a successful foray into the boxing world last month with a four, two minute round win over two-fight pro Richard Dawson, the fans now want to see if he has the tools to deal with the former Olympic gold medallist.

I may be mistaken, but that does not sound like a compliment to Harrison, who has 34 professional fights behind him and not to mention a European title reign, albeit a brief one at that. But to be put in the same bracket as an England all-rounder with his experience proves the light in which the ‘A-Force’ has become with the everyday supporting collective of boxing.

The Londoner’s feeble attempts against David’s Price and Haye have seemingly reduced the former world title challenger to the same level as a man, who up until a few months ago, had never laced on a pair of gloves.

Now I am not saying I wouldn’t like to see that fight happen, because I surely would – and I would give Flintoff a good chance at knocking Harrison out (based on Audley’s last showing), but it is yet another sign that Audley is not fit to be fighting competitively anymore and really needs to hang them up as soon as possible.