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Thurman: I’d love to knock Bailey out!

The 24 year-old, who now has 18 knockouts from a perfect 19-fight record, is looking at facing the top names between 147 and 154lbs and believes his win over the Puerto Rican can be the starting point for bigger and better things.

“I rate the Quintana fight a good win for me, but I know I can get better. I’ll say it was 8 out of 10,” Thurman told World Boxing News. “I definitely want some belts in 2013 and whoever has got them I want to fight all of them.”

Thurman was mentioned by recent IBF welterweight title holder Randall Bailey as a possible opponent in the near future and the Clearwater puncher expressed to WBN that he would have no problem taking that fight as he is confident it would be yet another short night’s work.

“I’ll take any of these guys that Al Haymon puts in front of me to fight, whether it be at 147 and 154 and I would definitely enjoy knocking out Bailey,” he said. “He is just talking about me because he knows I’m hot right now and he’s just trying to capitalise on my name. He ain’t nothing to me.

“I just want to put on good fights for my fans and knock people out and win some belts,” Thurman concluded.