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‘Biased decision’ in favour of Khan still rankles with Barrera

Barrera, 38, remains outraged at the manner of his loss in March 2009 to a then up and coming Amir Khan, when the ‘Baby-Faced Assassin’ was halted in five rounds by a deep gash on top of his head from a clash of heads.

Khan, 25, has since gone on to unify the light-welterweight division and be involved in some of the major fights at 140, whilst Barrera has fought just twice and found it hard to secure a final challenge against a top opponent.

“(The defeat) It does bother me a lot because for me it wasn’t even a fight,” Barrera told World Boxing News.

“It ended in the first round with the head butt and I wasn’t able to see as I was dizzy and my ears were ringing!

“It was a very poor showing for the boxing commission of Manchester, all to protect their interests. It was a biased decision and they did not do their job that day.”

The former super-featherweight king is not holding out for a return with Khan anytime soon and is set to hang up his gloves if a solid offer against a worthy ranked foe is not forthcoming from now until the spring.

“I would have loved a rematch. We requested it and even attempted to file complaints,” he explained.

“I know he is a good fighter, but we could have given the fans a great fight!

“I did everything they asked. I went up in weight , travelled to his backyard and I never ever even thought of stopping when I got cut (from a head butt) – but the clash was brutal and the blood was just too much.

“I had zero visibility from that side and they should have stopped it in the first,” added Barrera.