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Sulaiman offers to help get Mayweather v Pacquiao made

The President of the WBC is willing to talk to the camps of both fighters, without finances being involved in the negotiations – in the hope that the two pound for pound stars come to the realisation that the fight has to happen for the good of the sport.

“We all have been very preoccupied in making that fight happen as it is the fight that the world wants. I am really very surprised that it hasn’t been able to happen,” Sulaiman told World Boxing News.

“The WBC will try very hard to have it made as it would be very good for the sport in general. I am sure that the promoters have tried. Perhaps a convincing effort not involved with the business could help.”

The two fighters have continually stalled on the contractual agreement for the clash, with 35 year-old Mayweather believing that he is the biggest draw and therefore deserves the lion’s share of the purse.

Pacquiao, 33, has made his stance clear by admitting he would take a smaller slice of the pie, although ‘Pacman’ is not happy with Mayweather demands for control of the PPV side of a deal and Suliaman is hopeful something can be thrashed out next year.

“I believe very strongly that it will happen. Not doing it would be the strangest and most unbelievable fact ever.

“There is much money involved and both fighters love money. It is also a matter of pride, of ego and of nationalism,” he added.