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Ishe Smith remains loyal to Floyd Mayweather in TMT row

Smith, 34, was signed up by Mayweather after struggling to seal a reliable promotional team, and has watch on as his mentor became embroiled in an ugly public feud with rapper Jackson, which the American has refused to be drawn on.

“I dont know enough about the situation to comment on it, especially publicly,” Smith told World Boxing News.

“I have heard some things and I know what’s going on to some point, but as I said, I wouldn’t comment on it publicly. Things like this you keep in house. It could turn a ugly situation uglier if I was to comment on it.
“I have never spoken to 50 Cent outside of the boxing gym, even then it was just in passing – just like what’s up and that is it.

“My loyalty will always be with Floyd Mayweather, Leonard Ellerbe, and Mayweather Promotions. I have no need to talk to 50 Cent or anyone else.

“I think the whole thing is none of my business, honestly. I know what it is and I got Floyd’s backs no matter what the deal is.

“Your talking about a guy who takes care of all of his fighters. Someone I consider a friend. A guy who said he would give me a shot when no one else would.

“I didn’t fight for 18 months, struggled during that time and Floyd gave me an opportunity. I will never go against the grain, so it don’t matter if its 50 or King Kong, I got his back.”

Mayweather and Jackson had a major bust-up on Twitter last week, which culminated in Celebrity Boxing promoter Alki David offering $10,000,000 to stage an exhibition fight between the two former friends.

Jackson then took the ludicrous offer to the next level by accepting the challenge if given time to get into the right shape, although Smith thinks that Mayweather wouldn’t even acknowledge the offer, let alone accept it.

“Everyone knows that a fight is not even a discussion, Floyd wouldn’t even entertain such a thing. Floyd is the best boxer in the world and 50 has no chance of beating him in the ring.

“All I know is I am going to ride and die with TMT, which was created by Floyd Mayweather – that Is where my loyalty rests.

“Nothing else matters and we are all family, are all one. TMT is Money, Power, and Respect.

“Loyalty is big with The Money Team. Floyd has been loyal to us and I will continue to be loyal to him.

“I have known him since I was 10 years old, we go way back. I will always have his back in and out the ring,” he added.