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50 Cent open to Floyd Mayweather fight

Jackson, who fell out with Mayweather over a promotional venture earlier this year, is now the CEO of his own ‘SMS Promotions’ and has been embroiled in a Twitter war with the high-profile fighter for the past few weeks.
Businessman David, who runs ‘Celebrity Boxing,’ has now come up with the idea of a three round fight, consisting of two-minute sessions, with head-gear on December 14 in Las Vegas and Jackson is willing – if given appropriate time to get fit.
“I’ll fight Him, (but) December 14th is too soon. I would need time to get in shape. I’m 204 right now I hit that boy he will see a white light,” explained the rapper.
Mayweather seems to be taking stock of the whole situation after initially responding to 50 Cent’s outbursts and even with his former friends attempt to play down the row, it is unlikely the pair will be able to repair their broken relationship.
Whether that will end up being settled in the ring is highly doubtful due to the weight difference between the two, although Mayweather’s skills could probably make up his lack of size if the bout was ever to take place.
I am sure there is more to come from this saga…