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Pacquiao aims to end the need for fifth fight with Marquez

The closeness of the three previous meetings with ‘Dinamita’ are still rankling in Pacquiao’s psyche as he attempts to put an end to Marquez’s constant boasts that he should have won every fight of their trilogy so far.

Pacquiao, 33, has spoken exclusively to WBN this week to talk about his change of tactics for their upcoming fourth contest on December 8 in Las Vegas and is certain he can become to first fighter to stop Marquez at the MGM Grand next month.

“Freddie and I know we cannot approach this fight the same way we have the last two times,” Pacquiao told World Boxing News.

“Not only will we have a different game plan but this time I will stick to it. Already I feel confident about the direction we are headed for this one.

“It feels great to back at Wild Card. It’s a second home to me. I enjoy my sessions with Freddie. He always gets me in shape and brings the best out of me physically and mentally.

“(I believe I can knock him out) I do, and I said so during the media tour, something I have never done before.

“Marquez has said the same thing – that he is going to try to knock me out but I don’t believe him.

“He’s going to fight me the same way he always has. I will be the aggressor in this fight. It’s critical.”

The third and last fight between the pair was the most controversial so far, with many taking the side of Marquez as Pacquiao was given a 116-112, 115-113, 114-114 majority decision (I scored it 115-115) to rumbles in the Nevada crowd.

Pacquiao remains certain that he still has the WBO light-welterweight title holder’s number, although he doesn’t believe that Marquez being a year older at 39 will make a major difference in the fight, come December 8.

“I did not noticed any major differences in Marquez in his last fight,” stated Pacquiao. “(He was) maybe a little slower, but just as strong as before.”

Marquez using his wits to put Pacquiao off-balance by standing on his foot was highlighted after the third meeting as a possible reason for the fight being so close, but those claims were dismissed out of hand by the pound for pound star.

“I will be keeping an eye on that, but it has been as much my fault as his. Freddie and I are working very hard on movement and positioning for this fight.”

With fans becoming ever more tired of the Mayweather fight saga, which Pacquiao has said must come to an end in 2013, he was then asked a final question of ‘What would have to happen in this fourth fight to make a case for a fifth fight’ – to which the ‘Pacman’ determinedly replied: “No fifth fight.”