$10 million put up for Mayweather v 50 Cent over three rounds

Billionaire Alki David and partner Damon Feldman of Celebrity Boxing have reportedly offered $5 million dollars each to Floyd Mayweather and former friend 50 Cent to settle their differences in the ring.

A three two minute-rounds bout has been cheekily proposed by the businessmen, who would allow both to wear protective head-guards for the fight, which would take place on December 14 in Las Vegas.

The pair have been embroiled in an ugly Twitter war over the past few weeks, which 50 Cent tried to dampen down earlier in the week by claiming the arguments were staged. Now the two have the opportunity to end the feud once and for all with $10 million at stake for the winner.

The fee seems like a small amount considering Mayweather’s recent mammoth pay-checks and it does seem like an opportunist move by the double-act, as they attempt to gain their own notoriety from the public fall-out.