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N’Dam wants Quillin result annulled

The 28 year-old, who was put on the canvas six times by the new title holder at the Barclays Center in New York, is unhappy at the notice given by the WBO after he was handed the belt following the WBO’s decision to strip Dmitry Pirog.

“I will initiate a procedure against the WBO for non-compliance of sports ethics,” N’Dam’s coach and manager Mouss Ouicher exclusively told World Boxing News.

“They have invalidated the mandatory by imposing that Hassan, who was only made champion on August 27th, had to defend the belt against Quillin.

“At this time, he did not even know that he had to deal Quillin, so how does the WBO impose a mandatory two months before a fight?

“It is Unthinkable, ridiculous and indeed dangerous knowing that on August 26th, Hassan was not officially champion it was still Pirog.

“For this we will assign the WBO for conflict of interest and simply ask for the annulment of the decision of the fight, along with a request for damages.

“They should then order a new title defence for Hassan within the rules, ordering a proper mandatory date with purse bids between the two parties,” he finished.

N’Dam had asked for an immediate rematch in a previous exchange with WBN in the wake of the bout, and with nothing forthcoming from the WBO, has decided to take this stance against them.

The former champion had cited a clause reversal in the contract with Golden Boy for the decision not to award the rematch and now seems determined to be given another chance to make his case.