Ricky Hatton: I couldn’t hit Floyd Mayweather with a handful of confetti!

Floyd Mayweather Ricky Hatton

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Returning former world champion Ricky Hatton has admitted that Floyd Mayweather is the greatest fighter he has ever fought and says his past gripes with referee Joe Cortez made no difference to the outcome of their clash five years ago.

Ricky Hatton, 32, who fights Vyacheslav Senchenko on November 24 after a three-year ring absence, was constantly warned about fighting inside with Mayweather when they fought and is convinced that the move was favourable to the undefeated fighter’s style.

The WBC welterweight title fight was eventually stopped in ten rounds by Cortez after a pummelling onslaught by Mayweather and Hatton has admitted that there wasn’t much he could have done to overturn the result.

“When talking about the ref (Joe Cortez) against Mayweather, I hope people don’t see that as my reason for losing as I’d of probably lost anyway and was just saying,” stated Hatton.

“He didn’t help my cause (though) and he was poor on the night, (which is) out of character for Cortez as he normally lets you have a go, but wow Floyd was hard to hit. I couldn’t of hit him with a handful of confetti,” he laughed.


The ‘Hitman’ is now in readiness for one more shot at glory and a victory over his Ukrainian opponent in Manchester next month could well be the platform to a second high-profile crack at the ‘Money’ man.

Whether a six-year gap would have any bearing on a second fight can only be gauged once Hatton makes his return, as the Mancunian’s future title chances hinge entirely on his performance against Senchenko.