Danny Jacobs looks awesome on ring return

Former world middleweight title challenger Danny Jacobs returned from a battle with cancer to score a brutal first round knockout win over Josh Luteran at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Jacobs, 25, last fought in March 2011 and in the interim was diagnosed with a rare form of the disease called osteosarcoma. The American was subsequently told he would never fight again, but has shown amazing powers of recovery which were highlighted even more in New York.

The end came after a crushing three-punch combination that culminated in a huge uppercut and left a helpless Luteran on the canvas flat-out, handing Jacobs, now 23-1, a superb comeback win.

Earlier in the night, former world welterweight champion Luis Collazo scored a unanimous decision victory over Pennsylvania’s Steve Upsher to improve to 32-5 and get back to winning ways.