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Home » Van Heerden: Good win for Hatton, but I am no Lomax!

Van Heerden: Good win for Hatton, but I am no Lomax!

The 25 year-old was given the news that ‘Magic’ Matthew demolished Lomax with some crunching first round body shots by WBN and is delighted with the chance to face Hatton at his best when the pair clash next year.

“It is great news about Matthew’s win,” Van Heerden told World Boxing News.

“My thoughts on the victory are simple, that Michael Lomax is not me!

“I am very happy for Matthew’s win and hats off to Hatton. As a champion I congratulate him.

“This is what we wanted. Because now after I beat Hatton, people will know just how good I really am and it will make our victory so much better.

“I know Hatton likes the body shots, but my body will be ready to take whatever he has to offer on the night and lets hope his body will be able to take my punishment.

“Van Heerden v Hatton spells war! Welcome to Africa Matthew. I hope you can handle ‘The Heat’ come fight night.”

The two fighters are set to clash on top billing at an event to celebrate Nelson Mandela early next year, with the likes of Evander Holyfield and Ray Mercer touted to make an appearance.

The IBO title bout represents Hatton’s third attempt at securing a world belt after a previous draw with Lovemore Ndou and a sterling effort against Saul Alvarez when stepping up the 154lb limit.

Full details of the card are due for release soon.