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N’Dam confident of Quillin victory

The 28 year-old, who is unbeaten in 27 contests, travels to the Barclays Center next week for his first outing of note away from his native France, with many surprised that the Pantin fighter was willing to make his first defence against a dangerous opponent like Quillin.

For N’Dam though, the champion does not see it as a risk and believes that the manner of his victory will only serve to enhance his worldwide reputation and lead him into more high-profile battles in the future.

“I never refuse a challenge and taking the Quillin fight was no different,” N’Dam told World Boxing News.

“I understand we have unbeaten records and take the pride that will come with inflicting his first defeat.

“With Quillin, is see no strengths, only weak points and that will show because he realizes that he has a true boxer and champion in front of him and he is the opposite.

“I hope he is taking me as seriously as I with him and I am very happy that he accepted the challenge to face me.”

‘Kid Chocolate’ has an almost identical record to N’Dam and on paper has the one standout name in ‘Winky’ Wright, although the former middleweight legend was years past him prime when stopped in June.

N’Dam sees Quillin’s name as a stepping stone for himself too as he looks to meet the stellar names in the 160lb category, with no shortage of names to choose from if the Frenchman can take care of his business in Brooklyn.

“I am ready for any fighters who respect me and with a win, will look to fight any champion,” he stated.

“A unification fight with Geale or Martinez are my goals, why not?

“Many are wondering whether it will affect me boxing a home fighter in New York, but for me, first of all it is a great pleasure not a constraint to fight in such a great city. And secondly, the American public can recognize a true star of boxing and although Quillin is the child of their country, I think they will adopt me quickly and cheer for me.

“I also hope all the readers of World Boxing News can come to fight or tune in on TV as I would be delighted to entertain for them on October 20.”