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Martinez and Chavez Jr. battle deserves a second outing

In the cold light of day though, Chavez was found badly wanting over the first eleven rounds and lost a comprehensive points decision after frantically looking for a KO towards the end of the fight when well behind..

If it wasn’t for Martinez’s obvious machismo, then the fight at the Thomas and Mack Center could have easily have been scored a whitewash 120-108 and the Mexican would have faced serious questions about his ability to hold his own at world-class.

With ‘Maravilla’ struggling more against Darren Barker and Matthew Macklin in previous challenges, Chavez would have heard the cries that his record is padded one become more apparent, without that huge shot he threw in the final round.

The truth is though that the shot landed and that we are now more intrigued to see what another battle between them could bring, as the last three minutes were definitely in the mix for ‘Round of the Year’ and had everyone on the edge of their seats.

Chavez may well be expected to fight his way back to deserving another chance at Martinez, but with the animosity between the two, his Argentine conqueror may find it difficult to find such interest with another challenger.

Martinez has proved what he set out to achieve by schooling Chavez over eleven of twelve rounds, but ultimately the call of the fans will decide whether another bout is warranted, and for me, there is unfinished business to attend to as the spite and needle remains.