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Holyfield admits calls for fights are scarce

The former undisputed cruiserweight champion and four-time heavyweight belt holder is on a run of two knockouts since his last world title loss to Nikolai Valuev in 2008 and will hit a landmark 50th year next month.

Asked by World Boxing News recently whether he will fight again following a sixteen-month absence from the ring and if so, when that might be, he stated: “I don’t know when because nobody’s called me yet. I want to fight and feel strong, I just need the opportunity.”

Holyfield was linked to a WBA title challenge against Alexander Povetkin at the back end of last year and according to his senior advisor Tony Tortorici, the boxing icon is in better shape today than many active fighters of a much younger age.

“Evander practices what he preaches when he says ‘It’s easier to maintain than rebuild,” said Tortorici, who is currently in the process of weighing up the Atlanta fighter’s next move.

There is no doubt that Holyfield remains a fan favourite and deserves to test himself against one of the current crop of top heavyweights before retirement, although as it stands right now, he may not even be given the chance.

‘The Real Deal’ has stated that if no offer comes this year then he will retire from boxing.