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Only one fight for Tyson Fury

Toney, 43, has shown his interest in facing the 6ft 9ins former British and Irish title holder and Tannenbaum has scoffed at some of the opponents being linked with Fury for his next fight in November.

“I have all the respect in the world for Mick Hennessy, Fury’s promoter, as he’s matched his guy carefully,” Tannenbaum told World Boxing News.

“But let’s be candid here, Fury has beat nothing but schmear cases. Derek Chisora is probably his best win but who is Chisora? – just an ordinary guy.

“His last fight against Vinny Maddalone – give me a break! Maddalone’s a useful guy but can’t fight a lick.

“I’ve read that Fury is considering fighting Siarhei Liakhovich, Rusian Chagaev or Jean-Marc Mormeck in his next bout.

“Liakhovich has been KO’d four times and has lost five of his thirty fights. Maurice Harris, a ham n’ egger also knocked him out and ditto Robert Helenius, who is just a so-so guy. He also got beaten by Bryant Jennings in his last bout.

“They must be kidding about matching Fury against Mormeck too. He’s a shop-worn cruiserweight who has just come off a miserable showing against Klitschko.

“James Toney is a future Hall of Famer and people forget he won the WBA heavyweight title against John Ruiz before being stripped of it three days later.

“Toney has won a title in every weigh class he has competed in from middleweight to heavyweight.

“He is head and tails above the names being mentioned as Fury’s next opponent.

“I have already promised Mick Hennessy that I would grant him a rematch clause in the contract if he will make Fury vs Toney but maybe Mick has the willies and perhaps he should!

“My gut feeling tells me that Fury can’t take a shot. He’s got no potato and I think we have another Jack Bodell here.

“Listen, the timing for a Fury vs Toney fight is right. David Price is tied up with Audley Harrison, Thomasz Adamek is in with Travis Walker, Klitschko is shceduled to fight Manual Charr and David Haye, well he’s just on a different galaxy so let’s make the fight Mick!”