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Paul Spadafora moves to 46-0-1

The southpaw was never out of his comfort zone as he cruised through the fight without showing much sign of ring rust and could soon be in line for another crack at a world title after reigning at lightweight between 1999 and 2003.

The 36 year-old will need to keep busier than he has in the last ten years though as twelve fights in that time is not ideal preparation for a proposed crack at Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the next twelve months.

The scorecards read 80-72 (twice) and 79-73 to hand Spadafora a somewhat routine win, with some higher-ranked opponents to follow if the Pennsylvanian harbours any hopes of making his Mayweather dream a reality.

The only incident of note came when the Ecuadorian aimed a frustrating kick at Spadafora in the mid-rounds and was warned about his conduct, but even that didn’t stop him making a second attempt.

Toledo, 33, did manage to make it to the end despite his obvious frustrations though and goes back to the drawing board after suffering the eighth loss of his career.