Giorbis Barthelemy vampire bites Grady Brewer, earns DQ

Phil Jay 04/08/2012

Former Contender champion Grady ‘Bad Boy’ Brewer was dropped on his way to earning a disqualification win over southpaw Giorbis Barthelemy at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, Georgia.

The 41 year-old from Oklahoma had been struggling to gain a foothold in the fight in the first two rounds and was duly dropped by a swift left hand in the third to confirm Barthelemy’s control.

In the fourth though Barthelemy seemingly self-destructed after using a foul move on Brewer’s legs to put the American down for a second time. The Cuban was then deducted a point, but that did not deter him from committing another offence in the fifth session.

Barthelemy, 39, unwittingly sunk his teeth into Brewer’s neck in a move that was Tyson-esque and was thrown out of the fight despite being ahead and having the better of the contest up to that point.

Brewer now moves on to 30-14 and picked up the IBO Inter-Continental light-middleweight belt in the process, whilst his chomping opponent Barthelemy may now face a ban from the sport.